• Management philosophy

  • This page introduces the management philosophy of Japan Sports Promotion.
2.	JSP moves forwards with everyone who loves sport.
  • It is our desire to bring the uplifting enjoyment and explosive joy of sport to as many people as we possibly can. Japan Sports Promotion Co., Ltd. was founded with the aim of promoting sport throughout Japan.
  • We use our worldwide network to respond to the precise needs of our customers, from the basic needs of those who want to play or learn sports, to the broader international needs of those wishing to embark on overseas tours or attend world-class sports matches, and even to the needs of teams wanting to watching league games, receive information on accommodation facilities, or secure a ground for practice. We also provide a wide range of support for futsal, which is experiencing a quiet boom in popularity throughout the country, and host various different events geared at spreading this sport event further.

    Sport is now essential for our modern-day health and recreation. Japan Sports Promotion Co., Ltd. aims, through its corporate activities, to provide support to every single person who loves sport, and to contribute to the development of the sporting industry as a whole.

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  • The Japan Sports Promotion corporate website (this website) has been completely renovated.
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