• Sports travel agent

  • Below is an introduction to the type of management work that takes place at Japan Sports Promotion.
Sports travel agent
  • With our many years of experience, we make use of KAMO Group’s wide information network to provide bespoke and comprehensive assistance for everything from overseas tour and travel support for teams, players, and coaches seeking to gain experience through football overseas, to the needs of those looking to strengthen the team through camps and tours within Japan.
  • Overseas tours and observations

  • With a wide network across Europe, South America, North and Central America, and Asia – including dedicated offices in Spain, Brazil, and the United States – we assist our clients with overseas playing and observational tours designed according to the needs of the team. We provide support with a wide range of different packages, from cultural exchange programs with friendly matches against local club teams, to participation in international invitational tournaments featuring a number of competitive clubs.

    · Examples of previous services (* under construction)
  • Assisting visitors to Japan

  • Whether it be for official matches or international tournaments, professional or amateur, we take care of overseas teams during their stays in Japan. We can also assist with the invitation of overseas teams to compete in any kind of international tournament being held anywhere in Japan.

    · Examples of previous services (* under construction)
  • Domestic tours and camps

  • We arrange locations for camps and tours to fit the needs of the team, be it ‘somewhere warm where we can play on natural pitches even in winter’, ‘somewhere with all-weather, artificial pitches close to our accommodation’, or ‘somewhere near the sea or in the mountains where we can go running’. We can also help provide buses for transportation during the teams’ stays.

    · Examples of previous services (* under construction)

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